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Welcome to Ed Kaspriske's Horns Inc. web site!

Please note that Ed does not sell horns. You can purchase air horns on EBay by clicking here.

"Home of the Diesel Airhorn"

May 10, 2010: I have slightly modified the navigation bar for easier reading, and for compatability with different browsers. Since the date modified is no longer accurate, I removed that widet. The links are now a goldenrod color, rather than white, to reflect on the traditions of the Pennsylvania Railroad. Also, the brunswick green is among some of the colors used on the railroad's locomotives. This has also been the case with Penn Central, shortly after the merger occured in 1968. The links should still be viewable, however. But if there are problems, then I will adjust accordingly.

Horns Inc. is not a business. Horns Inc. is an identity. It is the identity of a locomotive air horn enthusiast, collector, and preservationist. Ed not only fixes horns, but he also produces videos and sound files relating to his hobby of horn collecting.

The colors of this site represent the Pennsylvania railroad. The Pennsylvania was a Class 1 railroad before being merged into the Penn Central along with the New York Central in 1970. The Penn Central was subsidized by the government in 1976, and a large number of railroads were merged into it to become Consolidated Rail, or Con Rail. Con Rail was divided between the Norfolk Southern and CSX Corporation in 1996.

Ed grew up in Central NJ, along the Pennsylvania RR New York to Washington main line, now Amtrak's North East Corridor. All the PRR. Electrics were equipped with Leslie A-200 156 single note honkers. One day in 1953, Ed got on his bicycle and peddled over to the Lehigh Valley RR in Newark, NJ to the Allentown, Pa Line where he heard his first chime horn. It was a Nathan M-3! which to this day, is his all time favorite. Ed Acquired his first horn from the PRR In 1968, and guess what? It was a Nathan M-3! Love that mellow C#, E, A! Ed did work for the PRR for three years as a Brakemen. Than making his career with a power company As a heavy equipment operator for 33 years. Retiring to Pennsylvania in 1997, Ed focuses on collecting and rebuilding diesel air horns. Ed's OH WELL PRODUCTIONS video production, produces videos all about the Diesel Air horn Hobby, as well as Railroad video through out the USA featuring railroads in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Ed's diesel air horns have a deep sentimental value to him, he says "Money is easy to get, Diesel Air horns are not!" So, Ed's horns are not for sale, or trade, and will never be on the market! If you are looking for a horn, though, then click here.

It is hoped that the reader will enjoy this web site, and will also get a chance to purchase some of Ed's videos and sound track CDs. These are very large collections of sounds and videos consisting of a great variety of rare locomotive horns and units in operation. The horns featured on this web site represent a very small part of his collection.


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